NBA Free Agency 2018


Lebron James is now a player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He signed a 4 year $154 million contract.

James Avg 27.5 points per game, 9.1 steals, 8.6 rebounds and shooting 54.2% in FG and 36.7% in 3-pointers while playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Why did Lebron join the Lakers? “Well, its 3 reasons” a close source stated:

  1. His family is in Los Angeles, he has a house, and his children are enrolled in school down in Los Angeles. It only makes sense to go where his family is located.
  2. Lebron believes the Lakers are in a positon to win a championship soon. Lebron understands he is missing a few pieces and believe the front office can create a contender with him being there.
  3. Close sources state Lebron was ONLY going to leave Cleveland for an iconic team like the Lakers or Philly. LA Lakers has had great players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Elgin Bayor, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kobe Bryant.

James’ Agent met with the 76ers recently to discuss bring James there along with Kawhi Leonard. Reports state that Philly was serous in brining Leonard to Philly to help acquire Lebron.


The Lakers finished 11th in the Western Conference, with a season ending record of 35-47. The Lakers were also not the best on the road (15-26). Rookie Lonzo Ball had a struggling season shooting only 36.0% in FG while averaging 10.2 points per game. The rest of the Lakers top players pretty much averaged 16 points a game which includes Isaiah Thomas. Lebron would add scoring help for sure, as well as dominate defense, which would make the Lakers playoff contenders in the upcoming season. Will Carmelo Anthony become a Laker? Melo is currently 34 years old, and has not won a ring yet. With that being said if he doesn’t join the Lakers with Lebron, he will go to the Rockets, which if we are honest, who are a team that doesn’t need him.

Laker Stats: Julius Randle avg 16 points per game, 6.8 rebounds, and he shot 55.8% FG. Brandon Ingram avg 16 points, 4.6 rebounds, and shot 47.0% FG. Brook Lopez ave 13 points, 4 rebounds and shot 46.5% in FG. Off the bench Isiah Thomas avg 15.6 points, 5 assist and shot 38.3% FG. Also off the bench Kyle Kuzman added 16 points, 5 rebound and he shot 36.0 FG.


Julius Randle signed a 2 year $18 million deal with the New Orleans Pelicans in the offseason. With that contact, he also has a player option in the second year if Randle wants to become a free agent.

With the Lakers, Randle avg 16.1 points per game, with 8 boards. However, Randle shot 62.7% in the pick and roll, but his scoring percent is shy of 56% FG.


Carmelo Anthony and OKC Thunder will part ways at one point this summer. Top teams interested in him are the LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and the Miami Heat. Melo just opted IN his contract with the Thunder last month and is supposed to make about 28 million this season. Melo had a career LOW of 16.2 points per game, even though he made the most 3-pointers in his 16 year career at 169 3’s. Carmelo Anthony is a 10 x all-star player at 34 years old, so its safe to say his time is almost up.

Carmelo Anthony has just met with the Houston Rockets and the Miami Heat.


Paul George signed a 4-year $137 million dollar max deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It comes as a shock because everyone thought he would join the Lakers after this past season. Espically when PG-13 declined his player option.  Initially, George requested to be traded from the Indiana Pacers so he can play along side with Lonzo Ball and the Lakers. Instead, he ended up playing along side with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony to become the next big 3. The big 3 is now a big 2 as its expected for Carmelo Anthony to leave the Thunder sometime in the offseason.

Westbrook was very thrilled that PG-13 would staying with the Thunder and threw him a lavish party with 500 people in attendence to celebrate the big news. At the party, PG-13 stated “I’m here to stay!”

Paul Geroge is a 5 x All-star who avg 21.9 ppg, 5.7 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 2.04 steals per game (second in the leauge in steals) in this past season.


Chris Paul re-signs with the Houston Rockets to a 4 year deal. The contract details are not released as of yet, but hae seen told the contract is woth $160 million.

Chris Paul avg 18.6 points per game, 7.9 assist, 5.4 rebounds, shot 48.0% in FB and shot 38.0% from deep. Paul missed the last 2 playoff games against golden state due to a hamstring injury. His last game played was game 5, which he scored 20 points, 7 rebound and  6 assists.


The Portland Trailblazers signed Seth Curry to a 2 year 2.8 Million dollar deal with his second year being a player option. Curry will get $2.75 million that is guarenteed to him in this upcoming season.

Curry started in 42 games last year, and missed the whole 2016-2017 NBA season due to a stress fracture in his lower leg. This past season, Curry avg 12.8 ppg, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. Curry shot 48.1% FG, 42.5% 3-PT, and 85.0% in free throws.


It has been some rumors of Portland Trailblazer’s top player Damian Lillard would ask for a trade to the Lakers or Utah Jazz IF the Blazers doesn’t go anywhere. He tweeted, “Im typically a happy Camper” in response to being asked how he would feel if he was moved.

Damian Lillard had a great season, averging 26.9 points per game, 4.5 rebounds, 6.6 assists. Dame also is shooting 43.9% in FG, 36.1 in 3-pointers, and 91.6% in FT.


Tony Parker leaves San Antonio Spurs after 17 years and signed a 2-year $10 million dollar contract with the Charlotte Hornets. The Spurs were trying to bring Tony back for another year for a mentorship type of role. Tony Parker called up head coach Gregg Popovich and advised him of his decision to leave the Spurs.

Parker only played in 55 games this past season due to a quad injury, but he averaged 7.7 points per game and 3.5 assists. Parker was shooting 45.9% FG despite 7.7 points per game. Tony Parker is a 4 x time NBA Chamption with the Spurs, 6 x NBA all star, Won Finals MVP back in the 2006-2007 season ,and won Rookie of the year in 2001-2002.


Demarcus Cousins signed a one year $5.3 million dollar deal with Golden State Warriors in a deal that can be considered pocket change to him based off what he can be offered in this league. You have Boogie and Draymond’s attitudes which, when combined, will be crazy as hell in the west. Boogie stated “this is the smartest move ever.” Many believes he is trolling, but who really knows? Well, the star center knows for sure. This should be really fun to watch in the upcoming season.

This past season, Cousins averaged 25.2 points per game, 12.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists before having a left achillies tear late in the season trying to get a rebound after a missed free throw.


Kevin Durant re-signs with the Golden State Warriors to a 2 year deal. Durant will make 30$ mil in the 2018-2019 season and Durant holds a player option worth $31.5 million or the ability to test free agency again for the second year.

Durant averaged 26.4 ppg, 6.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.8 in blocks this past NBA season.  Durant also shot 51.6% from the field and 41.9% in 3’s. Durant is a 2 x NBA Finals MVP.


Jimmy Butler is “fed up” with the Timberwolves and he wants to team up with Kyrie Irving. He is really fed up with Karl Anthony Towns more so than his other teammates. I think, Butler should come back to the Eastern conference since its “open for anyone” now. The T’wolves have reportedly offered Butler a $110 million over the course of 4 years deal but, there are reports that he is not going to “pass up the opportunity” to become an unrestricted free agent in the 2019 offseason.


If anyone is still a Derrick Rose fan, he has signed a 1 year contract with the T’wolves. His contract info has not been released as of yet. Last year Rose averaged 14.2 points per game and shot over 50% from the field, which is solid considering his prior injuries.

One of the reasons why Derrick Rose is still in the leauge is because in order to keep his shoe deal with Addias, he needs to be signed to a contract with an NBA team.


Dwight Howard signed a $5.3 million dollar contact with the Washington Wizards after the buyout by the Brooklyn Nets. Dwight Howard was traded to the Brooklyn Nets the first day of the NBA free agency but now going to take his talents to the nation’s capital. Howard has been traded every year for the past few offseasons now, and if he would stop playing ball, he would most likely retire.


Zach LaVine is disappointed that he had to get another offer from another team (Sacramento Kings) just to get what he wanted. The Kings signed him to an offer sheet of $80 Million dollars for 4 years. Quickly after, the Bulls matched the Kings offer and signed LaVine to a 4 year 78 Million dollar contract. LaVine will make roughly 18 million per year for the next 4 years. After missing 162 games (as a member of the T’Wolves and Bulls collectively),  Zach LaVine played in 24 games for the Chicago Bulls after coming off an ACL tear injury a year and a half ago. LaVine averaged 16.7 points per game,  while shooting a career low of 38.3% from the field, but his free throw attempts were high as he averaged 4.5 free throw attempts per game.  The Bulls were outscored by 7.2 points per game with LaVine on the court. LaVine stated “ Regardless of whatever, I am going to put that behind us. I am happy as hell that I am going to be able to play for a team that I want to play for.”

There are still some good free agents that are in the market longing for a deal.

  1. Clint Capela ( Restricted)
  2. Marcus Smart (Restricted)
  3. Isaiah Thomas (Unrestricted)
  4. Jabari Parker ( Restricted)
  5. Wayne Ellington (Unrestricted)
  6. Dwayne Wade (Unrestricted)
  7. Greg Monroe (Unrestricted)
  8. Montrezl Harrell (Restricted)
  9. Jamal Crawford (Unrestricted)
  10. Trevor Booker (Unrestricted)
  11. Yogi Ferrell (Restricted)
  12. David West (Unrestricted)
  13. Jahlil Okafor (Unrestricted)
  14. Rodney Hood ( Restricted)
  15. Nick Young (Unrestricted)

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